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Gamers Club Anti-Cheat
128 Tick Rate Servers
Zero VAR Servers
In-game evolution
Unlimited lobbies
Ranked Matches
Full Statistics
Games Academy video classes
Monthly Missions
For your team
Team Maker
Custom profile
Access to Weekly Tournaments
Access to Monthly Leagues
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Custom profile
Exclusive medals
Unlimited nickname changes
Discounts and Exclusive Rewards
Battle Experience Rewards
Exclusive discounts in products
128 tickrate

The best servers available.

We have the best Counter-Strike server infrastructure in Latin America. All our servers run 128 Tick Rate and zero variation.

Gamers Club Anti-Cheat

Play a clean game.

We have one of the most reliable Anti-Cheats in the market. We work day and night to make sure a wide range of available cheats are detected as soon as possible so we can guarantee you have a fair match.

Competitive game

The club for serious players. Or not.

The important thing is to have fun and we have the perfect options for that: play competitive matches with your friends or gather a team on-the-go in our Lobby.

With the Premium subscription you can create unlimited rooms at our Lobby and you don't have to watch ads before playing.

Games Academy

Learn, analyze and evolve!

Become a better player in every aspect by watching our Games Academy video classes, track your performance using our detailed statistics and evolve your game.


Win real prizes

Play our Rankeds and Tournaments, stay at the top and get real prizes from our partners.

Discover - Find Teams and Players

Find your party.

Use our team maker, the Discover, to stand out and find teams and players, get your party together and start player like never before on our weekly tournaments.


The best tournaments in Latin America.

Gamers Club has the best monthly league cirtcuit and weekly tournaments to every team and players profile. Face the best teams in the scenary and win up to R$50.000,00 in prizes.

Reserved spots in over 80 4Fun servers!

Practice your aim and spray on our Deathmatch servers or simply enjoy yourself on our diverse 4Fun servers: BHOP, Retake, Surf, Hide and Seek, Battle Royale, Casual and more!

Subscribers have reserved spots inside our servers, you'll never be kicket out of the session.

Support Online

The support team who solves your problem.

We take pride in having one of the more efficient support team out there: our attendants feel happy to help you to solve your problem.

Your Profile

Your profile has your mark.

Enjoy every exclusive advantagens available in our platform: exclusive profile featuring a gigantic cover, exclusive effects in our Lobby for when you are in a win streak and the option to highlight one of your medals in your profile.

Premium Day

Exclusive discounts on Gamers Products.

Get exclusive discounts* on gamers products at various Gamers Club partner stores.

Offers valid only during the period when Premium Day is active.